A project idea for David Cronenberg: Electric Ant.

For decades now, I have been a fan of the literary works of author Philip K Dick. And while he has posthumously enjoyed success vicariously through adaptation after adaptation of his fiction in the form of moving pictures, few have hit the mark as far as capturing the depth and complexity of his characters. And yet as I read and re-read some of his fiction; the latest being Electric Ant, a certain filmmaker comes to mind. Perhaps the only filmmaker who would be able to capture the true pathology of PKD’s world. I speak of Mr. David Cronenberg.

brundleflyElectric Ant comic


I have been a long time fan of his. While his style has morphed and changed a bit, his earlier pieces, primarily Videodrome, Existenz, Rabid, and even Naked Lunch all share this nasty, organically wrong layer that is impossible to ignore. Mr. Cronenberg has carved out a career of showing us the ugly pathology behind human behavior. The truth of what we truly look like when you hold up a mirror and start peeling away at the layers that disguise us. Not much different then Mr. Poole. One day he’s running a successful corporation and the next he’s dissecting himself, not so much disgusted by him discovering he is machine but curious as to how he can push the limit on what he perceives as life. Experiences without boundaries, not much different than the Brundlefly.

I would love to see. If you need anyone to write you a killer adaptation Mr. Cronenberg; I’m your guy!




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