The Hobbit: An Unexpected Review


I will begin this adventure by making a few statements.

1. I will refer to ‘An Expected Journey’ throughout this review simply as ‘AUJ’ and Lord of the Rings as ‘LOTR’

2. I will refrain from using the word ‘film’ because ‘AUJ’ was shot on RED digital cameras at 48fps

3. I will not hold Peter Jackson solely accountable for any production decisions for there were a total of 1o producers on this project and a few writers as well, including Mr.Guillermo Del Toro. So I will state ‘producers’ in reference to creative decisions made.

‘AUJ’ opens up with a great set up of the Dwarves living it up in their mountain stronghold of Erebor. These Dwarven digs are really a site to behold. Majesty on par with anything we were treated to during our previous visits to Middle Earth. I really felt this scene worked

very well. It portrays…

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