Hector Arce….The G-Lord of Sculpture Cometh!


The G-Lord of Sculpture Cometh!

by Orlando G Acosta

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA075082090093b5f1f8aa123300b5b1ba6027991b0d5f

Some time ago news came out that resounded dread to my frail ears. News that, after Tri Stars’  disastrous bastardization of a franchise near and dear to my heart back in ’98, the powers that be in Hollywood were revving up to give it one more go. The Memories crept back into my brain:  Rounding up some friends, heading to the Cineramadome in Hollywood, and somehow stomaching the films disgraceful attempt ruin Ishiro Honda’s creation. Of course I am referring to Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich’s “spit in your face” rendition of what they considered ‘Godzilla’

You, dear reader,  can imagine the skepticism bestowed upon me when hearing of the task Legendary Pictures was about to undertake. I immediately began scouring cyber space for any information, speculation, leaks…anything I could find. I started reading about who the players were going to be and different story ideas…

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