Disney,again, proves just how shallow they are!


Shake it up! The Suite Life? Jessie? Something and Ally? This is the kind of prepubescent crap available for kids to watch these days. Gone are the days of Old Yeller and Mickey Mouse. Seriously, with Disney’s huge back catalog why do they insist on spending their ‘not so hard earned’ money on crap like a couple of kids living on a fancy cruise ship?

As I sit here, listening to Joseph Trapanese’s wonderfully Daft Punk-ish TRON UPRISING score, I begin to think that, aside from a home video release, this is it. Why? Because a day after the TRON UPRISING soundtrack was released, Disney leaked out that they do not have any plans to bring back

Elijah Wood and company for another pass down the Grid.

For the uninitiated. TRON UPRISING is the animated series that made its debut last year on Disney XD. It take place between the…

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